Russ Treadwell

Senior Software Engineer & Game Programmer


Ashland, KY


(740) 302-3590‬


What I am all about.

A technology enthusiast with nearly a decade of experience. A self-taught programmer with a background in C++, C#, and Python. I enjoy rapid prototyping, writing clean consistent code, and helping out my peers. I'm interested in game engine architecture, game development, and backend web development.

In my free time I like to not only work on my personal projects, but I love to go kayaking, swimming, watch tv shows, and many other things.


Yes. I've been around.
Feb 2020 – Present


Sr. Software Engineer

Miami, FL

During my tenure at AEXLAB Inc I worked on the video game VAIL VR. I completed many major tasks for the project including, but not limited to Steam Party, AWS GameLift, Vivox VoIP, and many optimizations throughout the entirety of the project.

Dec 2020 – Jan 2021

True Sight Projects

Software Engineer

Høje Taastrup, Capital Region, Denmark

I worked on an unannounced video game. Specifically I implemented Steamworks.

Dec 2020 – Jan 2021

Plus Infinity Studios LLC

Software Engineer

Longmont, CO

I worked on the video game Midjungard. I was tasked with only 3 tasks for this project which included Steam microtransactions, Linux support, and data storage using AWS DynamoDB.

Dec 2018 – Nov 2019

Chain Gang Entertainment Inc

Software Engineer & Web Developer

Seattle, WA

I briefly worked on the video game FREEDOME. I moved onto becoming the web developer for the studio which I completed a complete website that implemented many features such as a Store, Forum, Blog, and many more that was built using Django.