Hi, I'm Russ Treadwell and I go my trdwll online. Check out my Blog. (it's much more pretty than this site ;))

I'm a programmer that mainly writes C++ and Python.
I'm interested in game & engine development and some backend web development.
I'm also not sure what my actual title for the work I do is called so I just call myself a Software Engineer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've worked on the games Shifted VR and Midjungard. Everything else that I've worked on either hasn't released or isn't going to release.

You can see my LinkedIn for more details of the work that I've done.

Shifted VR
I mainly worked on non-gameplay things such as Voice Chat (Vivox) or AWS GameLift.
I did eventually redesign and implement a new gamemode architecture to allow creation of new gamemode types easily.

Very similar to Shifted VR except I did no gameplay programming on this game.